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Our Story

Hi there !  Welcome to The Pixie Patch…

My name is Carmela and I’ve happily created this little Patch which is full of Pixies and Gnomes running around from home to home, playing, eating, looking after the little Pixie Babies and in general, having lots and lots of fun. My intention is for children to have an enchanting and enriching experience, whilst fully absorbed in play.  You know…the old fashioned kind where you totally forget time and the only thing that exists is now and playing and creating.

I’d heard of Steiner education just after my daughter was born and the beauty of it and the style of learning fascinated me.  So when she was 2 years old, I started taking her to a Steiner playgroup.  She loved it and so did I.  I never knew I had a creative side until I began making toys with the other Mums.  From there, she went to a Steiner Primary School and there, I joined the Mums Craft Group.  Every week, without fail, I went and loved what I learned and slowly started loving what I made.  As I got better, I began to make birthday presents for her friends and a wonderful play world for her from my handmade Pixies and Gnomes and felt animals.  I also decided I’d like to learn how to dye my own fabrics and yarns…so I did just that.  From there I used the yarn I dyed for making the Pixie bodies. 

My daughter eventually grew out of “playtime” but… I didn’t.  So, I decided I’d keep making the Pixies and Gnomes and start selling them at Markets.  I’m still doing that !  But now, after many years of promising clients I’d do it…I’ve finally created a website !!!  So to those of you that have heard me saying, year after year, that I’ll have the website ready soon…here it finally is !!!  I’m so happy with it and I hope you like it too.  About 3-4 years ago I started buying other products that complimented my Pixies and Gnomes, so that I could expand my world and create a beautiful Patch for children to play in.  The beautiful, felted homes I buy are all made in Nepal in a Fair Trade Environment. 

All these toys I consider to be heirloom…they can be passed on to future generations.

I hope you enjoy my world and that your children do too…